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iD Commerce + Logistics

Project Description
iD Commerce + Logistics is a company based outside of Chicago, Illinois specializing in fulfillment solutions and custom development.

As a large user of Open Source, iD Commerce + Logistics is proud to give back to the community with our own original, professionally-developed code.

All projects can be found on NuGet under their respective names.

The first in our Open Source releases, IdComLog.Data is a CSV and fixed-length library aiming to be feature-rich and easy to use while maintaining high performance and flexibility:

  • Built on .NET 4.5
  • Reads and writes both raw records and serialized objects.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous operation through Tasks, IEnumerable, and IAsyncEnumerable.
  • Integrates with DataAnnotations to control object serialization.
  • Uses optimized dynamic compilation to maintain performance with serialization.

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